July 2, 2014
Marcum Teams up with Habitat for Humanity in South Florida

Twenty volunteers from Marcum's Miami and Fort Lauderdale offices teamed up with Habitat for Humanity on June 7 to help construct four homes in Fort Lauderdale.

It was a family affair, with several clients, relatives and friends joining Marcum CPAs in the project.


Front Row - Luis Li, Sean Li, Mirna Centeno, Lutfiye Azel, Enrique Llerena, John Mollica, Ana Cunill, Rachel Skora, Jamie Blank, Marielba Martinez

Back Row - Alan Friedland, Will Boiman, Tom Sena, Philip Chen, Mark Agulnik, Lukasz Zanko, Rene Velez, Mike Labarraque, Donald Butler, Muhammad Karim


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